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This summer I am going to visit Sziget Festival in Budapest and I'm so excited! As you may have read in my previous post, I have alre...

This summer I am going to visit Sziget Festival in Budapest and I'm so excited! As you may have read in my previous post, I have already visited Budapest during my Interrail trip this summer. The city is amazing so I'm happy to go back to it. The festival has already anounced so many acts that are going to perform so I thought I'd already make a list of 10 acts that I'm defenitely going to see.

1. Years & Years

I am such a big fan of Years & Years and ever since I discovered their music I've wanted to go see them so I'm glad that they're coming to Sziget! My favourite songs of theirs are Take Shelter, Desire and Eyes Shut.

2. Rihanna

Rihanna is probably one of the most famous artists in the music business right now so I'd love to see her perform. I'm most excited to see the way Rihanna performs because I love her attitude and I expect her to be really fierce on stage. I hope she's also going to do some of her older songs that everybody knows, for example, Unfaithful, Diamonds or We Found Love.

3. The Lumineers

Last week I went to a festival to celebrate Liberation Day in The Netherlands, and the Lumineers played their as well. Unfortunately, it was really crowded so I didn't get to see much of their performance so I'd love to go see them at Sziget again! I think their music has a really chill vibe to it, so it'd be nice to relax to their music in the Budapest heat.

4. Jess Glyne

I think Jess Glyne's music is overall just really fun and nice to dance to! I love her voice and style.

5. John Newman

I think John Newman's song Love Me Again is amazing so I'd love to hear him sing that live. His voice is really special as well so I'm curious to see how he sings on a live stage.

6. Sia

Sia is an artist that really inspires me. I love her music because her lyrics are really beautiful and they actually have meaning to it, unlike many other popsongs.

7. The Neighbourhood

To be honest, I only know the song Sweater Weather from the Neighbourhood, but I'd love to see them anyway! I think when you go to a festival it doesn't matter how many songs you know from an artist because you'll enjoy the performance anyway.

8. Jake Bugg

I love Jake Buggs old fashioned style and his voice is so rare. His song Lightning Bold is amazing and it really could have been made 50 years ago as well. I think it's great that an artist from these days tries to bring back influences from old music.

9. Mano Chao

 I am learning Spanish at University so I've been listening to Spanish music a lot lately. Mano Chao's Me Gustas Tu is the first Spanish song that I learned because it is such an easy song to learn, but very fun at the same time! I am looking forward to seeing him and practicing my Spanish a bit at the same time haha.

10. Skunk Anansie

 I love the song Hedoism from Skunk Anansie. Apart from that, I don't really know any of their other music but I really want to see them anyway.

Are you guys going to any festivals too? Which artists do you look forward to seeing?

Image: Joey Thompson via Unsplash.com

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