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 Munich is a city that we went to on our trip because we needed to visit a place that is in between Vienna and Paris, so initally it was o...

 Munich is a city that we went to on our trip because we needed to visit a place that is in between Vienna and Paris, so initally it was only a city that we passed through. To my surprise, the city was quite lovely. I would love to return there when in October to celebrate Oktoberfest, because even though we visited in late July, the whole city was already in ready for the big party. There were many shops where you could buy the famous dirndl dresses and suits.

 While we were in the city we just wandered through the main street with all the shops and we sat down to eat German pie. There is a huge shopping centre in the city so we spent a lot of time there. We also bought fruit at a local market which was really delicious.

A fun thing about the city was that there were lots of street artists and I always love that so much! It is so nice when there are people who are cheering up the streets with their music. I also love singing so I'd love to go busking some day but I don't think it is legal in most places.
We stayed in a hostel in a room with 6 beds because something went wrong with our booking. We usually stayed in rooms just for the three of us but this time we had to share the room with two other Chinese girls. On the second night a Portuguese guy also stayed in the room so then we were with six people in the room. We didn't have such a great experience sharing the room because it is always difficult when you don't speak the same language as the people you are staying with (I wish I could speak Mandarin but unfortunately I don't). And a difference in culture can also lead to difficulties, as the two girls decided to open the curtains at 5 AM to walk around the room while we still wanted to sleep. But I guess that's why they say that travel isn't always pretty, and it's probably a good thing otherwise I would never appreciate all the times that we stayed in nice hotels or hostels.

We stayed in the city for two days but after the first day we felt like we'd already seen most of the city centre, so we decided to do something else. We found a cute old cinema called Museum Lichtspiele where the film Paper Towns was already out. We really wanted to see this film but they didn't show it yet in any other city or cinema, so we were very lucky to find this cute movie theatre on the internet. It even still had an old fashioned display board for movies!

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