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Who doesn't love Paris? I feel like I have already been there many times, but it is just a place that is always great to return to....

Who doesn't love Paris? I feel like I have already been there many times, but it is just a place that is always great to return to. It is always nice to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum or just to walk by the river Seine.

Paris was the last city that we visited on our trip, so we only had one day to explore the city. We visited so many things in one day that I cannot even recall all the places we went, but luckily we still have the pictures to prove it!

We went there in August and it was really warm, so they build a little beach by the Seine where people could chill! I thought this was such a fun idea and the palm trees looked really nice in the middle of the city. Obviously, we had no time to sit down there and chill because we only had one day to see the city. But I would love to go back there in the summer one day!

We took the metro to see the Louvre and even though we didn't go in the actual museum, it was still nice to go there and see the beautiful building. I once heard that it would take more than a week to be able to see all the things that are shown in the museum haha, so we obviously did not have time for that.

After that, we went to see the Notre Dame. The queue to go inside was so long that we decided not to go inside, as we will most likely return to Paris some other time so we'll have more time to do it then.

We also visited the famous bridge with the locks! A lot of locks were removed by the time we got there because the bridge couldn't hold the weight of all the metal anymore, but luckily at one part of the bridge the locks were still there. I think it is really romantic to hang a lock there and it's cute that so many people do this. The part of the bridge where the locks were removed was painted over with a pattern that actually looks a lot like locks as well or with graffiti that said 'love is the key' and other phrases like that.

We had dinner at a cute place a bit outside of the city centre. I wore a pink dress from H&M which I saved for the end of the trip so that I could wear it in Paris, because I think it is the perfect Parisian dress haha!

The hotel that we stayed in was right across the Gare De L'est train station because we had to leave very early the next day to catch the Thalys at 6 AM. We booked a room for three people but the room was really tiny. It had two beds; one normal bed for one person and one bed which was about 1.20 metres to it was kind of uncomfortable to sleep in that with two people. But at least the location was great and they had a great view from the window.

The next day we took our last train trip back to Amsterdam. As you can see on the clock it was very early but we were happy to go home after 17 days of travelling! Overall I had such an amazing experience visiting these 7 cities and I would love to do it again in the future.

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